Stephen Robert Visio

Success Stories: Stephen Robert Visio

Age 55, Honolulu, Hawaii, Type 2 Diabetic

In the early 90s, I was alerted by an insurance physical that I had developed type 2 diabetes. I attended diabetes training and tried various diet regiments, but my condition and weight gain continued worsening over the next 15 years. Fortunately, I started reading about Ketogenic diets and the history of nutrition and found the zero-carb website. Before insulin, diabetics were advised to cut out all sugary and starchy foods and eat mostly meat. I became a beef eating carnivore and lost a further 30 pounds. I was able to retain muscle mass, which I documented by getting DEXA scans at the sports medicine department at Missouri State University.

I have eaten as a carnivore for the past three years, have eliminated the Metformin and now take no prescriptions. I have lowered my HgA1c blood sugar reading from a 12 to 6. My weight has stabilized at 155 pounds. My annual eye exam showed a reversal in some diabetic retinopathy, from 12 areas of concern down to 5. My eye doctor was amazed. I have noticed a distinct improvement in my eyesight. I have lots of energy with improved mental focus and emotional resilience as well as a sustained good mood. I enjoy eating ribeye steak and ground beef and have cheese occasionally for a treat. I hike and swim and lead a much more active lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life.

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