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Thank you for supporting the website launch of the Low-Carb Action Network (LCAN)!

We are excited to advocate for the inclusion of a true low-carb diet in the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans. We aim for our new website to drive comments to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and to act as an action center for other advocacy initiatives to come.

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The Low-Carb Action Network is advocating for a low-carb diet to be added to the Dietary Guidelines as a viable dietary option. Check out our brand new website!

There is a lot of misinformation in the media about low-carb and keto diet. @LowCarbAction sets the record straight. Visit our new website to read the 12 Myths vs Facts on Keto.

New Group Alert! Take a look at @LowCarbAction’s new website, filled with low-carb success stories, important facts and ways to get involved to get low-carb diet into the Dietary Guidelines.

A low-carb diet deserves to be an option in the Dietary Guidelines. The diet is backed by a large, rigorous body of scientific studies showing health benefits. Americans need options. Visit the Low Carb Action Network to learn more!

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