Mindy Humphrey

Success Stories: Mindy Humphrey

Age 40, Vancouver, WA

I decided to try and lose 40 pounds before my 40th birthday (was nine months away). I was 205 pounds, 5’7″, at the time. After going on the Ketogenic diet, I lost 50 pounds.

By the time I turned 40, I had more energy, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, completely healed my chronic neck pain, calmed my digestive issues and lifted my depression. I accomplished all of it by eliminating sugar, eating very little carbohydrates, eating moderate amounts of protein and plenty of healthy fats. I have now lost a total of 60 pounds and I’m at 145 pounds. I have been on this diet for 15 months and plan to keep this lifestyle change for as long as I see benefits. I also had my lab work done around the one-year mark. Huge improvements all around.

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