Michael Gorman

Success Stories: Michael Gorman

Age 46, Providence, RI

I tried every diet you can possibly think of: Weight Watchers, Deal A Meal, calorie counting/If It Fits Your Macros. You name it, I tried! I even had some successes. In 2013 I was down to 210lbs from 540lbs but I went off the diet I was following and starting back into all my old bad habits, and very quickly was pushing 500lbs again. I felt trapped with no hope of release from these demons. I had a constant, insatiable hunger, and low fat, high grains/fruits/carbs kept me in a cycle of being unsatisfied by food, and unable to ever feel satiated. I started in the Paleo diet-sphere and soon started hearing about lower-carb variations. The word “keto” start popping up on my radar – it was in line with my preferences, food-wise, and seemed to make sense. I started reading books like Vinnie Tortorich’s Fitness Confidential, Jimmy Moore’s Keto Clarity, and Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code. I have lost 265 pounds since starting a ketogenic way of eating, have eliminated sleep apnea, diabetic symptoms, and the consistent use of pain relievers and allergy medications. Not only that, but I have found control over the food I used to put into my body. I no longer live my life obsessed with what I will be eating next but can enjoy the world for what it has to offer beyond a full plate.

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