Michael Carrato

Success Stories: Michael Carrato

49, White/European male, Williamsville, NY

I started dieting when I was 13 years old, when the low-fat craze was taking hold. I was an athlete but always battled weight as well as fatigue, sleep issues, autoimmune problems. Over time, my weight increased to 400 lbs, on a 5”6 frame. I tried calorie restriction, eating-less & moving more, Weight Watchers, low-fat Atkins, and everyone succeeded for a bit and then failed.

By last year, I was 400 lbs, and had severe sleep apnea, swollen ankles, vision problems, pretty much the diabetic suite of symptoms. Worst of all, after 30+ years of dieting, I had become completely hopeless that I could ever lose weight.  Then I stumbled upon Jason Fung’s The Obesity Code. It gave me hope. I attempted my first 24 hour fast soon, which turned into 60 hours. At 40 hours, the fog I had been living in for decades just LIFTED. It was like waking up from a 20-year nightmare. I went from abject hopelessness to complete confidence in 3 days.

After 6 months, I was down 80 pounds and felt amazing. My A1C went from 8.7 to 5.4. My liver markers corrected. I cut carbs completely, and made 2-3 day fasting a regular part of my routine. After years of struggling just to walk, I am aiming to start playing ice hockey again next year. I am more than halfway to my goal weight of 180lbs, barely a year after I thought I’d be dead by age 55 and felt hopeless that I could do anything about it. Thank you to all who have shared the knowledge that the governments and advisory boards have squelched. You have literally saved my life.

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