Mary Myers

Success Stories: Mary Myers

Age 46, Idaho Falls, ID

I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic despite being a “healthy” eater (low fat, no junk) and a marathon runner. When I received that diagnosis, I went home and started doing my own research, found all the videos from a Low-Carb conference at Breckenridge, CO. I thought, “Now, this makes sense.” I started on a keto diet, and 3 months later, went back to the diabetes doctor. All my blood markers had returned to normal, and my weight was down over 20 pounds. The doctor suggested that I take phentermine, because he said that keto is “unsustainable,” and I said “WATCH ME.” Over the next 6 months, I lost another 60 pounds and have maintained a steady, healthy weight and normal metabolic markers for a year since. I have successfully reversed my metabolic syndrome, my insulin resistance, my hypoglycemia, and pre-diabetes. In addition, the frequency and severity of my migraines has significantly reduced.

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