Kim Calhoun

Success Stories: Kim Calhoun

Kim Calhoun
Braselton, GA

Before I started following a low-carb diet, my scale had reached 260 pounds, and I’d tried nearly every possible option to lose weight –Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, extreme calorie restriction with over-exercising. None of it worked for me. All of these low-calorie plans were all higher in carbohydrates, because carbs are lower in calories compared to fat. I couldn’t stick to any of the low-calorie plans for very long and each time I came off a calorie-restricted diet, I got fatter and fatter.

I discovered low carb in January of 2018 and read several books to learn as much as I could –books by Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Westman. I have since lost 130 pounds and reversed pre-diabetes and high blood pressure. My anxiety is gone, and my autoimmune conditions are manageable (with medication). I have successfully eliminated medications for high blood pressure, Hashimoto’s and anxiety –all through low-carb living.

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