Kelly Lancour

Success Stories: Kelly Lancour

Age 32, Mount Pleasant, SC

I dabbled in Atkins as a teenager and then something called The Metabolism Miracle several years ago, which is Atkins-like. Both of those gave me some foundation of what low-carb dieting was, but both reintroduced carbs, which was my downfall. Three years ago, my older brother lost more than 100 pounds with the keto diet. I finally got tired of being 130+ pounds overweight, and the thought of running toward death was looming in my mind, so both my husband and I started the keto diet. I’ve lost about 100 pounds so far and have about 30 pounds to go. I no longer have migraines, boils, foot tingling, acne, constant hunger, blood sugar issues, back pain, cavities and gingivitis, lipomas, fatigue, frequent colds and infections, or high blood pressure. I avoided the doctor before starting keto, so I probably had more issues going on that I wasn’t even aware of. I have a newfound love for strength training and have picked up quite a bit of muscle along my keto journey. I am able to fast occasionally and do time-restricted eating every day due to the great appetite control I now have. I am not even tempted by my old food choices as food anymore. That’s a miracle.

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