Julie Shaughnessy

Success Stories: Julie Shaughnessy

Bellingham, WA

Before learning about low-carb diets, I tried to eat based on the Dietary Guidelines recommendations. I tried Weight Watchers, calorie counting, starvation, eating 200 calories every 2 hours, Protein Power, the Fast Metabolism Diet, and the Cabbage Soup Diet. Despite all these approaches, I found myself to be chronically hungry, bloated, and gassy. I was always thinking about my next meal – even during my current one! I used to wonder if everyone felt like that or if there was something wrong with me.

This all changed after reading “Why We Get Fat,” by Gary Taubes – the “a-ha” moment was like having a lightning bolt go through my brain! It all made so much sense, and that mobilized me to get started. The first few weeks were not easy, but I pushed through, and each week was an improvement over the last. In the past two years I’ve lost 51 pounds, reversed fatty liver disease, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, acne, skin tags, ancanthosis nigricans (hyperpigmentation of the skin), low energy, and many other conditions….and I have found myself in the process.

Eating low carb is not difficult: almost every restaurant offers some variation of meat and vegetables. Now, all I really do is focus on my hunger – I eat low carb when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. It’s really that simple.

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