Claudio Jimenez

Success Stories: Claudio Jimenez

Bronx, NY

I ate according to the Dietary Guidelines for most of my adult life: bread with margarine, low-fat chocolate milk, a big bowl of rice and beans with meat or poultry, and plantains, boiled yuca, or sweet potatoes. I ate lots of grains and beans, poultry, fruits, and vegetables, and still ended up with Type 2 diabetes! When I was first diagnosed, my son suggested I try low-carb, and I am so grateful I took his advice. In 4 months, I went from 260 pounds down to 205, and lowered my A1C (the measure for blood glucose) from 11.9 to 7.9 – all without medication! My glucose levels are normal, I no longer have headaches or heartburn, and my wife is happy to report that I no longer snore! My mood and energy level improved dramatically, and my blood pressure is normal again!

Keto is more a lifestyle than a diet. The only downside is that my budget took a big hit – I had to donate all my size 40 pants and replace them with size 34s!

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