Amy Eiges

Success Stories: Amy Eiges

New York, NY

After a lifelong struggle with obesity during which she joined Weight Watchers over 35 times and tried just about every possible method to lose weight, Amy had an appointment with a bariatric surgeon when she decided to postpone it, opting instead to try the “ketogenic diet” she’d heard about. “I decided to try keto for a few weeks because I didn’t think surgery was the right decision for me. I had no confidence that this diet attempt would be any different than the hundreds of others I had tried, but right away, I could tell that something was working.” Unlike other diets, “I didn’t experience hunger and found I was easily losing weight. It was miraculous.”

Three years later, Amy has lost 173 pounds and reversed her pre-diabetes – all without counting calories or being hungry. “I can hardly believe that I am where I am now, but in all honesty, there’s nothing extraordinary about me – I just finally got the right advice, put one foot in front of the other and didn’t look back. I had lost hope that losing weight was really, truly possible, but after battling this war for over 40 years, I now know that it can be done. I am living proof of that.”

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