Amber Wentworth

Success Stories: Amber Wentworth

Age 53, Round Rock, TX

My heaviest was over 240 pounds, but I had lost 80-100 pounds multiple times before starting low carb. I can’t think of a diet I didn’t try: Weight Watchers, Mediterranean, medically supervised, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, Herbalife, Nutrisystem, Ayds candy, Beverly Hills diet, Grapefruit diet, Cabbage soup diet, and many others I can’t remember. I was constantly hungry, fighting cravings, depression, anger, rosacea, dry skin & hair, high blood pressure, obesity, pre-diabetes, anemia, bloating, gas and constipation. I’d lose weight doing low calorie/low fat, lots of whole grains, fruits, & veggies, but immediately gain most of it back because it was not sustainable. I was miserable and very unhappy. I was about to give up and accept the fact I was meant to be fat and unhealthy, but then I decided to give exogenous ketones a try as one final attempt. I couldn’t believe how awesome I felt on ketones and decided to research it more. I stumbled across the keto diet, and the rest is history! I no longer need supplements, diet pills or meal replacements and have lost 62 pounds. After losing weight, I was no longer pre-diabetic and was able to stop taking all blood pressure and acid reflux medications. My rosacea (skin condition) is almost all clear; I have no more stomach issues (gas, bloating, constipation, cramps, pain), and I no longer crave food or feel constant hunger. Also, I’m no longer depressed, moody, or hating life!

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